The Gävle Goat


The peculiar story about the Gävle Goat started in 1966, when the idea came up to design a giant version of the traditional Swedish Christmas straw goat. The objective was to attract customers to the shops and restaurants in the southern part of the city. On the first Sunday of Advent 1966, the huge goat was placed at Castle Square in Gävle. Since then, the Gävle Goat has been a Christmas symbol placed in the same spot every year. Today he is world famous. The Gävle Goat is the world’s largest straw goat and made it to the Guinness Book of Records for the first time in 1985.

Here you can see the digital inauguration of the Gävle Goat afterwards.

The radio profile that has just won Guldörat (the Golden Ear) for best presenter leads this year's digital goat inauguration. In a live studio, Titti Schultz receives exciting guests mixed with entertainment from Hits for you. Of course, there will be a lot of surprises in the broadcast also when we celebrate the Gävle Goat on the opening day!

It is an honorary assignment to come home and be a part of the inauguration of Gävlebocken! The goat lives as always in time so it will be fun with a digital broadcast where goat fans all over the country and in the world can join in on a tradition like this, says Titti Schultz. 

Fold your own Bock (pop) corn packaging

Of course, we recharge with Bockcorn when we cuddle up on the TV sofas for this year's show. 

Feel free to try folding our DIY (do it yourself) box. Then just pop the popcorn and get ready! 

Feel free to share your picture from the home cinema and hashtag: # gävlebocken #bockcorn # julenbörjarigävle

Logga Digital Bockinvigning

Bockcorn illustration förpackning

Utskriftsvänlig mall röd popcorn ask

Save the image to your computer. Print the page (do not forget to check the "Scale to fit" box in the print view) and follow the instructions on the template.

Utskriftsvänlig mall röd popcorn ask. Sidan 2

Print this image as well. Do the same as with the image on the left. You can also find the templates via this link (PDF that opens in a new window).

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