Gågata med massor av snö mellan röda hus en klar vinterkväll

Maximize your Christmas Spirit with a Weekend in Gävle

Welcome to Gävle, hometown of the Gävle Goat! Enjoy a weekend close to Stockholm as Gävle unfolds a festive array of activities, filling the entire weekend with heartwarming, festive, and sparkling experiences. Christmas begins and continues in Gävle!

Start the Weekend with Seasonal Flavors

Indulge in the Christmas spirit with a Friday evening filled with seasonal delights. Put aside the tacos for a festive twist and savor the flavors of the season from the sea and the forest. Start your evening with local delicacies and then venture out into the sparkling Friday night.

Hotell lobby med bord, stolar och en fondvägg med en målning på

Accommodation for a Restful Christmas Weekend

Welcome to Gävle! If you arrive by train, Scandic CH is just a few minutes away—a cozy hotel right next to Gävle Central. Stay in the city center with short distances to many of the weekend's activities.

Scandic CH

Vackert dukat julbord med rullad röd servett på tallrik med glas intill

Explore a Variety of Seasonal Flavors

Gävle offers something for everyone with its diverse range of restaurants. Whatever you're craving, traditional or with a modern twist, there's plenty to enjoy. Here, where sea meets forest and land, promising a delightful dinner experience.

Food & drink

70 kg of Gingerbread Dough, Selfies, and Nightlife

Good morning! Welcome to a day filled with beautiful, festive, emotional, and sparkling experiences as Gävle invites you to enjoy the full spectrum of emotions. We blend culture, culinary craftsmanship, history, and musical experiences, all wrapped in warm Christmas ambiance.

Ett pepparkakshus stort som en människa

Find the Christmas Feeling with the World's Largest Gingerbread House

The scent will greet you before you step into the beautiful building constructed in 1938. Marvel at the impressive creation made from approximately 70 kg of dough and lots of icing! Each year features a new gingerbread house, a hugely popular attraction. The Christmas spirit resonates with this visual delight!

World´s Largets Gingerbread house

En person med en vit huva över huvudet

Immerse Yourself in the Significant History at the Swedish Prison Museum

Experience and reflect on history, understanding life in captivity in the past. The old prison cells provide a poignant backdrop for a "Cellfie." Take a stroll through the city, absorb your experience, and feel grateful for the Christmas atmosphere.

Swedish Prison Museum

Publik framför ett dansgolv och en scen med artister som uppträder

Golden Glitter and Dazzling Glamour in Gävle's Nightlife

Saturday night awaits you like a gift, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed. Change into your glittery attire, tie your tie, and have your dancing shoes ready. Get ready to be swept away with a wide range of evening entertainment—whether it's a quiet bar scene, spontaneous dancing, or hitting the dance floor.

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Enjoy Gävle Goat's Own Pastry and Top It Off with a Long Walk and Shopping

Good morning! After savoring a delicious hotel breakfast, Gävle and its surroundings offer many experiences that amplify the Christmas feeling, providing a festive conclusion to your visit to Gävle this time. Many of these experiences can be packaged and taken home!

Ståtliga statyer i förgrunden till en stor rund byggnad på andra sidan Gavleån

Sunday Stroll with Gavleån as Company

Gavleån winds its way through Gävle, offering beautiful walking paths and the opportunity to enjoy art along the river. Put your hat, warm gloves and cosy jacket on and choose a city stroll or venture a bit farther to appreciate the view where Gävle meets the sea.

Cultur experiences

Gul tårtbakelse med röda streck som garnering och en avbild av Gävlebocken

Coffee and Goat Pastry at Lido

Step into the historic confectionery in Söderbacken and savor the aromas. This is where the idea and the first sketch took shape on a napkin. While enjoying a Bock pastry, ponder what Stig Gavlén might have snacked on when sketching the first Gävle Goat. Perhaps sketch your own ideas on the napkins?

Confectionery Lido

En fint och julupplyst gågata mitt i Gävle City

Assist Santa? - Christmas Shopping in and around Gävle

A gift for a loved one or for yourself? A piece of Gävle to place under the tree, a souvenir to enhance the feeling and bring memories home. Whatever you're looking for, one of Gävle's many stores can assist you in choosing from our wide selection. There's a great variety both in the city and at our shopping centers.

Shopping centers